Sunday, April 13, 2008

minneapolis(city) minnesota(state)

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to minnesota with D, she was shooting this snowboard prodigy who has a snowboard park in her backyard. It was crazy!! Her dad was talking about getting some crazy machine to make snow in the summer. That science is amazing!!!
When we weren't working we were eating the largest crab legs you ever seen for reals!! sorry there is no photo. We also got to party really hard in america's most popular bar. I forget the name but it was pretty awesome. a real live polka band. and in the other room there was a nice lady on the keys who would play any song you like and you get to karaoke to it. amazing!!! Danielle was amazing, I was like whoa, she had the crowd jumping, even the trannies!!!! This bar had the craziest mix of people and I got to kick it with two couples(they were way over 65 getting tanked and making fun of me it was awesome!!)


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